Application of Glue Dispenser in Earphone Industry

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At present, China is the largest earphone producer and consumer market, and has formed a complete industrial chain of electroacoustic products including earphones. Under the influence of the progress of the headset technology and the improvement of the product subdivision, the demand for the earphone Market in China is gradually released, while the domestic earphone production business is gradually improving the competitive position of the earphone industry in the world. Leading enterprises in the headphone industry such as magic sound, Beats, PHILPS and so on.

The most used in the market is the ear headset and headset headphones. However, there is a very important link in their manufacturing process. The quality of the product is directly determined by the precision of the glue. Today we talk about the application of the automatic glue dispenser on the earphone.

Headphones are usually metal bonded plastic, metal is generally aluminum, stainless steel, plastic ABS majority. The bracket part, generally ABS, PC, PA material, also has silica gel material, the shell of the bond, by a lot of small parts assembled, the material is generally metal aluminum, plastic ABS bonding. More stringent requirements for the appearance of glue, can not appear whitening phenomenon. We usually use our low whitening glue and accelerant to reduce the whitening of the product and accelerate the curing 

speed of the glue. The product has many glue points, resulting in glue overflow phenomenon or the product needs to be reworked and dismantled.

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