Application of dispensing machine in automobile industry

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With the continuous improvement of automobile technology, the dispensing machine has been used more and more in automobile production, including the dispensing of Automobile Electronic Circuit Board, and the traditional methods such as welding and riveting instead of some parts, to achieve the same or different materials between the connection, simplify the production process, optimize the product structure. Its concrete application, below makes the concrete introduction for everybody:

The application of adhesive and sealant for automobile engine, gearbox and Chassis Assembly is mainly embodied in plane connection, sealing of hole cover pipe joint and locking of Bolt, which can prevent leakage of oil, water and gas and loosening of bolt, directly related to the normal operation of the car. The main varieties of this type of adhesive are: ANAEROBIC adhesive, silicone sealant and so on.

 ANAEROBIC ADHESIVE: It is characterized by simple coating process, fast curing speed and good locking sealing performance. According to different requirements, the field coating, pre-coating and impregnation process can be adopted. The high-strength microcapsule-type anaerobic adhesive is especially suitable for the mechanical coating of automotive threaded connectors. According to our company's annual output of cars, the annual amount of glue used is more than 200t

Plane Sealant: It is used for plane sealant with unique characteristics, good elasticity, oil resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance, simple gelatinizing process, strong peelability, easy disassembly, can replace the gasket used alone, more can be left to different specifications of the gasket, the processing requirement of the joint surface is greatly reduced, and the sealing effect is good. Only with ANAEROBIC glue will there be no leakage sealing technology

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