How to choose a suitable glue point for the dispensing machine?

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Glue Dispenser is also called Glue Spreading machine, glue dropping machine, glue making machine, glue pouring machine, etc. . It is an automatic machine which can control the fluid and apply the fluid to the surface of the product or the interior of the product, and can realize the dispensing of glue in three-dimensional and four-dimensional paths, precise positioning, precise glue control, no drawing, no leakage, no dripping. Dispensing machine is mainly used in the production of glue, paint and other liquid precise point, injection, coating, drip to each product precise location, can be used to achieve dot, line, circle or ARC

How to choose a suitable glue point for the dispensing machine?

Here are some guidelines:

 Small: Small Glue Dispenser, low pressure, Short duration.

 Large: large size glue point, high pressure, long time.

 Strong Glue: inclined needle, high pressure, set time according to need.

 WATER-BASED LIQUID: small needle, less pressure, set time as needed

Fluids that require special settings:

Instant Glue: for water-based instant glue, Use Safety Piston and Teflon-lined metal needle, for thick instant glue, use tapered oblique needle, if flexible use PP needle.

UV GLUE: Use Amber Needle, White Piston and Oblique Needle (UV protection) .

ANAEROBIC GLUE: Use 10CC SYRINGE and white PE Universal Piston.

SEALANT and pasty fluid: If the use of white piston rebound serious, please use the safety style, use oblique needle

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