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Glue Point / Corrosion-resistant needle / Riveting needle

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 1.The needle holder and needle tube are riveted to prevent the falling off of the corrosive glue
  • 2.The steel pipe parts are also made by precision machining. The assembly process under strict control ensures the size of the finished products reaches the professional design level, and truly realizes the goal of automatic matching of a thousand stitches
  • 3.The Steel Tube's ports and inner and outer walls are specially treated to achieve a smooth and burr-free surface, greatly improving its use efficiency and truly serving the needs of professional users
  • 4.A variety of specifications for you to choose from
  • 5.A variety of specifications for you to choose from

Product Details

Since we joined in the field of gluing in 2006, we have been studying unceasingly, and now we have perfect scientific research and production personnel. If you have special size requirements, please tell us, we can provide you with non-standard product samples!

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