XZR-200A,The circulating glue dispenser with double working efficiency

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Product Details

LED microcomputer circuit control, the use of digital dial form set point glue time and cycle time, can ensure the dispensing machine precision and repeatable glue cycle, through fine-tuning Settings, the amount of glue can be slightly changed!Suitable for all fluids, including coating, oil, grease, epoxy, silicone, sealant, instant dry glue, solder paste and other assembly fluids that use dispensing cylinders for dispensing!


 to vacuum function, control to prevent low viscosity fluid trickle-down between two cycles

 displayed in digital dial dispensing and cycle time

 fine-tuning action to achieve consistent glue point, filling and neat droplets

 circular function can reduce the labor intensity, improve production efficiency

Technical indicators:

Glue production time: 0.001S-9.999S

Cycle time: 0.1s - 9.9s

Repeat accuracy: 0.0005S

Minimum glue drop: 0.005ml

Working speed: & GT;600 times/min

Power consumed: & LT;15W

Size: 70 * 210 * 256 mm

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